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About Football Magic
This was supposed to be the last time Buddy would have to move for a while.  At least, that's what his dad had promised when they first arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, a town still deeply rooting in its bewitching history.  Buddy doesn't ask for much: become the starting QB, make friends, always try my hardest, dream big, repeat.  He hopes that maybe he can help the school's team make it to the league championships.  But when he discovers an old football and a mysterious spell book, things in Salem get downright magical.  Being the new kid isn't easy, but will Buddy finally learn what it means to belong to a team?
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Testimonials From The Pros

“Throughout my career in sports, I’ve had many magical moments. Reading Football Magic: Buddy’s New Beginning reminded me of the days I spent playing youth football, learning the importance of teamwork and the true magic of football.”

 ~  Doug Flutie  1984 Heisman Trophy Winner &       former NFL QB.”  

“Buddy and his group of friends really show what it means to be a team! They’re every coach’s dream!”

  ~ Sean Payton  Head Coach, New Orleans Saints

“We could all learn a thing or two from Buddy & his friends. Through teamwork, grit, and a little determination, there’s no stopping the Witches!”

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