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Pro sports agent and author Sean Stellato literally wrote the book on never giving up. His inspirational memoir “No Backing Down” has been praised and endorsed by New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka, Boston College and Canadian Football League legend Doug Flutie and sports journalist Adam Schefter of ESPN. 

In his book, “No Backing Down,” Stellato - a college standout and former Arena League pro football player –tells the remarkable story of his 1994 Salem High School football team, which defied incredible odds and a community torn apart by controversy to become champions.

Now Sean has broken out the most important lessons from his book and winning career in sports and business, to provide his seven critical, but simple, steps to achieving success and reaching your goals. 

Sean Stellato has inspired, trained and motivated thousands to achieve the best they can in life. Now let him inspire and motivate YOU!

Sean’s Seven Simple Steps To Success

1)    Set a Goal
Write it down. Make it highly visible on your desk, at your workstation, in your car, on your refrigerator: WHEREVER you will see it every day. Are you working toward your goal and is your effort effective?

2)    Encourage people to take the same journey with you
Demonstrate leadership through passion.  Invite people to set the same goal and to join their passion with yours.  Trying to hit a sales target? Make it a friendly competition. Losing 10 pounds? Invite a friend to help motivate and push you.

3)    Find the resources, people and support you need
Map your road to success with the people around you who can help. Build your team on paper first - before they even know they are ON the team. 

4)    Establish a winning culture 
A winning culture reflects people who are willing to work hard to win.  Focus on being achievement orientated.  To achieve something difficult is difficult to achieve. A true winning culture never loses sight of the goal.

5)    Set the standards of behavior to achieve success
Set a high standard and expect more from yourself first, then everyone else. Stretch yourself to go to new heights; others will follow.  Always ask yourself: “Is that my best?” If the answer is “no,” make a change.

6)    To make your goal feel more achievable, break it down
Set your goal and then break it into smaller objectives.  Measure each of them and evaluate in a time frame that is reasonable. Achieving smaller objectives builds positive momentum and confidence while moving you incrementally toward your goal.

7)    Be ready to react to setbacks
How you respond to adversity is critical. Great leadership is defined in times of challenge. Always know that an unseen event or bump in the road can altar the course you are traveling. Rely on your winning culture. Stay focused on your goal.


Learn more about Sean Stellato by downloading or ordering a copy of his inspirational bookNo Backing Down.”


To book a speaking engagement so Sean can inspire and motivate your company, school or organization please click here

"Being a former player I understand the dedication and drive it takes to succeed !"

        - Sean Stellato 

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