Read what the pros are saying about No Backing Down 

“Throughout my career, countless NFL players have told me that the most influential person in their lives was their high school coach.  This story is one shining example of a coach’s impact well beyond the scope of sports.”  


     ~ Bill Belichick, 6X Superbowl Winning Coach New England Patriots




Sean Stellato’s “No Backing Down” is an inspiring story of a coach fearlessly standing up for what is in the best interest of his players. This story not only demonstrates bravery and selflessness within the game of football but more importantly in life.


     ~ Chip Kelly, 49ers Head Coach


A fascinating look at a previously unreported circumstance with great historical perspective. Sean writes like he was there on the ground, because he actually was. An entertaining learning experience!"


     ~ Ian Rapoport, NFL Network 

“The 1994 Salem High School football team, its coaches, and community supporters, banded together to overcome significant challenges at home, in the city, and on the field. Their story makes the case for the importance of athletics in the high school learning experience.”


     ~ Mike Eruzione, Captain of the 1980 Miracle on Ice team. 

There's something special about high school football, even for the most ordinary player on the most ordinary team. In No Backing Down, Sean Stelleto tells a story that is anything BUT ordinary....a story of a truly extraordinary team, and coach, and season, and situation. It's a riveting tale of courage, determination, and matter what the final score.

     ~ Rome Hartman Producer, 60 Minutes Sports


"Sean Stellato's No Backing Down is a captivating tale that shows the odds that a group of young men and their coach are able to overcome when they are fueled by a strong love for the game, intense sense of determination and unwavering commitment to each other."


     ~ Mike Jones, The Washington Post

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