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Autographed Copy for $14.95 (plus S/H)


Autographed with a personalized message from Sean $19.95 (plus S/H)

See what NFL greats have to say about Football Magic !!

“Throughout my career in sports, I’ve had many magical moments. Reading Football Magic: Buddy’s New Beginning reminded me of the days I spent playing youth football, learning the importance of teamwork and the true magic of football.”

 ~  Doug Flutie  1984 Heisman Trophy Winner &       former NFL QB.”  

“Buddy and his group of friends really show what it means to be a team! They’re every coach’s dream!”

  ~ Sean Payton  Head Coach, New Orleans Saints

“We could all learn a thing or two from Buddy & his friends. Through teamwork, grit, and a little determination, there’s no stopping the Witches!”

 ~ Jon Gruden  Head Coach, Oakland Raiders.

“This children’s book by Sean Stellato is an inspiration for all kids just like Buddy. I encourage anyone in the sports world and beyond to support literacy for our youth. Football Magic: Buddy’s New beginning ties both worlds together. I myself use my Read with Reed 83 program to help under served kids in the Boys and Girls Club to catch the love of reading and tackle a good book. I’ll definitely be using Stellato’s book in my reading program nationwide. “

 ~ Andre Reed, Former NFL WR & 2014 Hall Of Fame Inductee 

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